Monarchy Media is:

Matt Bernbaum

Founder/CEO and 3D Artist

After studying at DePaul University, Matthew wanted to pursue a career that utilized his creativity. Teaming up with his best friend, Jamie King, the two decided to found Monarchy Media in the hopes of bringing his creativity to his favorite pastime.

Jamie King

Lead Designer and Programmer

Jamie studied Game Development at DePaul University, where his cookie eating and mustache wearing skills were underappreciated. Those abilities found a perfect home at Monarchy Media, where he also kind of builds games too....I guess.

Corwin Deckard

Sound Designer and 3D Artist

A man of many talents, Corwin Deckard is a musician, a photographer, a writer, and recently he has stepped into the world of 3D modeling. 

Tucker Thomasson

Social Media and Marketing Director

Tucker has been a lifelong gamer as well as a social butterfly in the world of heavy metal, playing and touring in bands since 2007. Tucker has joined the team as a social media and marketing director.

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